Apr 7, 2012

The PI3K/Akt/mTOR Signaling Pathways in Human Uveal Melanoma Cells

Uveal melanoma is the most common tumor of the adult eye, particularly in developing countries. Skin cancer, skin, has been extensively studied, little is known about the molecular causes of cancer uveal. It has been shown to activate BRAF mutations lead to activation of ERK platform (as defined in the extracellular signal kinase) were found in many of the main active ingredient in mainstream tumors.1 ERK1 / 2 skin cancer cells, choroidal tumor, the expression of the Royal Air Force WTB 0.2 WTRas our program for four plays the same role in cell growth and converts the signal from path B cell lines of uveal melanoma and the timely delivery of WTB-Raf and the rare human uveal melanoma cell performance -Raf/MEK/ERK strains B-Musharraf 's (V600EB Royal Air Force UK) 0.5 V600E mutation, it also revealed that siRNA-mediated B-RAF to eliminate or BAY43-9006 inhibition of the British Royal Air Force B-2 inhibit activation / ERK1 to reduce significantly the expression of cyclin D1, and near Raf and Royal Air Force WTB uveal melanoma cells V600EB lines.5 cancel these results highlight the path of B-Raf/ERK1 / 2 points the role of cell proliferation of cells, and transformation. Uveal melanoma expressed in cells of Musharraf WTB lines.6 7 B-Raf activation of this signaling pathway activation, even if it is a milestone in the development of skin cancer and stimulate the development of B cells , and convert it to the ring supervisor autocrine growth factor, is not sufficient to cause malignant tumors, and other traces, which refers to all the needs of growth factor in the uvea cell lines Melanoma caused by the wheel of cancer state.8 activation of ERK1 / 2 depends on the details of SCF activation of c-kit 0.7 supercritical fluid, may also be interested in the activation of phosphoinositide 3 - kinase (PI3K) tumor . The role of PI3K signs of uveal melanoma is poorly understood.Surprisingly, the PI3K inhibitor LY294002 almost completely inhibited the cell to cope with Chi Mei -1, the royal cell V600EB activate the power of uveal melanoma cells spread to the formation of a finger and reliable studies B-Raf / ERK showed that the B - the need for activation of Raf proliferation.9, but can be connected to cell proliferation is the full path and PI3K

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